Gather :: Embrace :: Expand

SD Yoga Community events will resume in the

summer of 2021 with conscious outdoor gatherings.

Stay Tuned!

Come together for the love of yoga.

Gather with other yoga lovers from your home town and across the mountains and plains.


Immerse in an event of power, joy, connectedness, and meaningful experiences.  

Open and embrace the dance of your breath and body to tap into the potency and bliss of your whole being.  

Expand your yoga experience with the variety of depth and flavors offered by local yoga teachers and beyond.


Feel renewed, refreshed, and ready to radiate your love, peace, and joy. 

Om Shanti

What SDYC Guests are Saying

"This experience was filled with inspiration and love. It was such an amazing way to fill my cup. So many great classes to choose from, I only wish there where more of me."  ~Hannah

"It was a fantastic conference. The community was so inviting and accepting and I felt so refreshed leaving Deadwood on Sunday. It was everything I needed to center myself and continue my journey in this practice." ~Britt

"I was impressed by many things:  the venue in the beautiful Black Hills, so different from Colorado; the excellent organization both before and during the conference; the welcome I received; the supportive and open atmosphere."  ~Jayne

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