The 2021 Line-Up

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Sara DeBeaumont

Early Morning Session - On the Lawn


Get Up and Go Flow

A faster paced flow to get your energy moving and create some heat. We'll wrap up with a  delicious hip opening sequence followed by a final relaxation and a well deserved state of gratitude.

Rajni Puranjot Kaur

Early Morning Session - In the Barn

Trusting Your Inner Authority

We’ve crossed a threshold where our old systems, beliefs and habits are beginning to crumble. The way we used to do our life just doesn’t work anymore. When we listen deeply to what our body and soul are telling us, we create a more authentic relationship with ourselves.  In this Kundalini Yoga session, we will open the body with an active kriya, rest our nervous system to the sound of the gong, and then meditate to create stillness that allows us to listen deeply, connect with our soul and trust that knowing.  This is an all level(s) class- participants practice trusting their inner authority every step of the way.


Dixie Bachmeier

Session 1 - In the Barn

Raise your Resilience 

Bend into the unknown with a sense of brave curiosity.  We will focus our attention on creating a strong yet supple backbone that can support us in the midst of uncertainty. 

(techie – what to expect - Breathwork, body awareness, and backbends for all ages and abilities.)

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Clarissa Thompson

Session 1 - On the Lawn

Prithvi Mata - Earth Flow 

Celebrate the Cross Quarter of Lughnasadh, the halfway point between Summer and Fall and our connection to Mother Earth with an elemental flow for the EARTH, Prithvi Mata.  We will activate our connection to Sun and Earth and the abundance Mother Nature provides by saluting the Sun, flowing through grounding sequences and twists.  Class will end with guided meditation and a healing sound bath and elemental sound instruments to leave you feeling nurtured and whole.


Wade Ellett

Session 1 - In the Tent

Introduction to the Meditative State

The class will be led through a guided meditation focusing on relaxation and restoration. Afterwards, we will have discussion of what the meditative state is, how it benefits us, and how we can access it. This will include tools that can help us enter a meditative state, as well as how we can incorporate a meditation practice into our daily lives. We will close with a second meditation, allowing the participants to apply what they have learned, and experiment with the meditative state. 


Hannah Martinez

Session 2 - In the Barn

Rhythm of Yoga

When we are in rhythm with life everything begins to flow harmoniously together with ease and grace.  In this practice we learn to tap into those rhythms, feeling the subtle flows and learning to ride the wave that carries us on our true and incredible journey. We will begin this class by listening closely in meditation to feel these currents of energy that connect us to rhythm, working our way up through a dynamic and energetic flow where we may explore the union of mind, body, and breath. 


Sarah Bruxvoort

Session 2 - On the Lawn

Open Your Heart

Open yourself to the possibility of more love through breathwork and asana focused on deep backbends from a strong foundation. Find yourself in the intersection of power and grace as you explore and expand. This will be an all levels alignment based class with lots of freedom so you can safely explore in your body. The last portion of class will be dedicated to a yoga nidra practice for profound rest in your newfound heart space.


Charmaine Houck

Session 2 - In the Tent


Rewilding Your Spirit

In the context of modern society, many of us find ourselves going through the motions without tapping into our intuition, our instinct, our wild spirit. Through movement, sound, and journaling we will befriend our WILD again and learn how to utilize our intuition. Participants will find freedom in practicing outside the box by tapping into our chakras and doing what comes naturally to our being.


Emily Brown

Session 3 - In the Barn


Megan Nelson

Session 3 - On the Lawn

The Strength Within - Power Vinyasa

Do you have the desire to power up your yoga practice? We will explore the key areas we can us to invigorate your vinyasa practice, find your inner strength and challenge yourself to test the limits of what you thought was possible. We will build heat from within and utilize our time on the mat to strengthen, stretch, and work on flexibility. Options will be given to make this class as accessible as possible but expect to move and maybe even get a bit sweaty!

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Cary Thrall

Session 3 - In the Tent

Yoga+Art for Strong Emotions

This session combines Kundalini with intentional creativity. Yoga is an artistic expression and an opportunity to connect with self and the infinite. Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. Yoga shifts perspective, forging pathways to themes beyond daily realms. Art synthesizes this. To me, art and yoga are conversations within our bodies and minds. I believe every individual is a co-creator of their personal world. I invite you to investigate within and work with what is revealed in an artistic way.


Ruth Gough

Session 4 - In the Barn


Alaina Binfet

Session 4 - On the Lawn

Brain Food Yoga

This lighthearted class uses a mix of cross body movements to help energize the body & mind. Cross body movements help activate both hemispheres of the brain and enhance thinking, comprehension, and learning, as well as improving physical coordination and balance. Come do Super Brain Yoga with me! 

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Jeff Nelson

Session 4 - In the Tent

Scottie, Cheri, & Jillian

Opening Ceremony 


Closing Meditation