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Physx Sdk Download For Mafia 2 rowianse




Fixed the FreeDoomCET executable when running in standalone mode . Version 2.9.0 (September 2009) Changes in this version: Bug fixes: *The ATI Gallium shader code had issues with shadowing on certain edges in Half-Life 2 . Fixed. *Fixed a bug in the OpenCompositing code for ATI Gallium . *Fixed the freeDoomCET executable when running in standalone mode . *Fixed the Python Binding. *Fixed some issues when editing resources via the resource editor in Articy . *Fixed a Windows icon cache problem . *Fixed some bugs in the SDL code for ATI cards . *Fixed the button mouse auto-reset problem on Windows . *The Urban Terror python bindings can now properly handle the userConfig settings. *Changed the OpenGL code for Nvidia cards to use the new SLI profile. *Added the non-updatable area to the bsd directory, as the ATI driver is not supported on FreeBSD . *Added support for the Overdrive VDPAU driver on Linux for Radeon X1950 . OpenGL 3.0 support: *Added support for OpenGL 3.0 and higher. *Added support for the new and faster VDPAU driver on Linux. *Fixed a bug when exiting the main menu in Mafia 2 . *Fixed the menu system in Mafia 2 . *Added the new warp1 shader. *Added a new shader called dirty, which looks very much like a shadow. *Added the new dirty2 shader. *Added the new warp2 shader. *Added the new ombwarp shader. *Added the new fractal shader. *Added the new shadowmap2 shader. *Added the new shadowmap3 shader. *Added support for texture arrays when calculating the shade quality. *Added support for cubemaps. *Added support for texture packing. *Added support for YV12 texture packing. *Added support for the lightmapper. *Added support for the new task system, where tasks are now called on-demand. *Added support for the new volumetric lights. *Added support for dynamic lighting. *Added support for dynamic sky and clouds. *Added support for directional light scattering. *Added support for ambient occlusion. *Added




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Physx Sdk Download For Mafia 2 rowianse
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